For an idea on how this site works, you can check out the first design challenge.

This time around, we’re focusing on a busy intersection in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. You can read more about the intersection, see maps of the area, and more by reading the project brief

Some very detailed information on how to design road intersections with pedestrians in mind: Lesson 11: Pedestrian Design at Intersections

A Florida Dept. of Transporation document on designing walkable communities. Download PDF (PDF)

Here’s a good idea: A knowledge sharing site dealing with public transportation.


Bus stop accessibility and safety report by the Easter Seals Project Action.

Get involved! Download and print our flyers announcing this competition.

A great list of literature and other resources on bus stop design.

Functional Criteria to Consider When Designing a Bus stop, Ryan E. Smith

A simple site plan of the 900 E. 2100 S. intersection.

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