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Urban_bus_stop_design Walkways
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Basic Improvements

Submitted by paulkimo on April 06, 2010

This location is a very constrained site and has numerous challenges to try and ehance the stops.

The current location of the NB/SB stops on 900 E are real bad. The southbound stop not only blocks the right turn only lane, it also blocks a driveway. The stop needs to be moved either further north to allow for more clearance of the right turn only lane or across the street. The northbound stop also has a similar problem blocking the approach to the right turn only lane and should also be moved to a location across the street in front of the Walgreens. A stop further south of the Smiths could be established to provide a convenient stop for Smiths patrons.

The stops on 2100 S again suffer from limited space to either add shelters or any enhanced structures. The westbound location could be enhanced with a shelter but the eastbound stop is very tight and would require taking of buildings to create more space.

I’ve attached a couple of concepts from bus design manuals from BC Transit that might have some applications in this location. The drawing shows lighting attached to the side of the building but coulld also be used along with solar panels as well. Other amenities may also include schedule information or next bus real time information, lit areas for enhance security and visibility. Bike racks would be nice but this would require additional space that is presently not available.

The second image shows enhancements to the walkways. Tactile strips are important enhancements for people with sight problems. Enhanced lighting, benches, clocks would also enhance the urban experience.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah