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I love the site specific context of this design; especially given the potential tourist traffic in Sugarhouse. I could see this showing up in Dan Burden's slide show.
Posted Apr 04, 2010 5:04 PM by gnawlinsmag

What a great idea! I love the playfulness of this design that is underpinned by the historical consideration of the area. Bus stops like this one can make our public transportation experience fun and enjoyable.
Posted Apr 05, 2010 4:04 AM by Ailovebug

This is such a unique design! As someone who has waited for what seemed like hours waiting for busses, this feels like something that would not only be an appealing homely feature but also a fun and comfortable resting point in an otherwise boring process. The quality of the presented
Posted Apr 05, 2010 6:04 AM by chinglishlaaa

images look great. Amazing effort! (sorry about posting this in two separate comments.)
Posted Apr 05, 2010 6:04 AM by chinglishlaaa

This is a great concept which has been really well presented. When waiting for public transport it would be nice to have the comforts of home and this would give the passenger a hint of this. It would also be a great conversation starter for the people waiting there, who knows what relationships could develop from here...
Posted Apr 05, 2010 7:04 AM by colly2000

This design is brilliant! The layout and overall feel will encourage personal interaction and communication between people waiting for the bus. And it is precisely this sort of interaction that turns an otherwise humdrum activity into something pleasant and potentially rewarding. Is it possible to build a sense of community around public transport, or the use of public transport? I think it is, and when that happens the social stigma of "taking the bus" will be removed, thereby dramatically encouraging uptake and more widespread use. This design goes a long way to rebuilding the interpersonal relationships that are so often lost in a busy urban environment. Well done.
Posted Apr 05, 2010 10:04 PM by busmetothemoon

Sugarhouse_lounge_a Sugarhouse_lounge_b
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Sugarhouse Lounge

Submitted by Aaron Basil Nelson on April 04, 2010

The Sugarhouse Lounge bus stop is a concept that plays off the neighborhood’s early 20th century heritage as a retail furniture destination – an area was once known as “furniture row.” This bus stop incorporates sturdy and iconic outdoor furniture pieces that refer to this heritage and the general residential character of the Sugarhouse neighborhood. Cast-in-concrete “sofa” seats, a concrete table, motion sensitive outdoor lamp, steel coat rack, and a bus info screen are combined to give users a sense a comfort and leisure as they wait for the bus. After all, riding the bus can be an easy way to commute as well as being a relaxing experience, therefore waiting for the bus should be an equally relaxing component of the overall UTA experience.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah